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for OCD a lot of cognitive behavioral therapy rules made by person who have ocd and its effective

this is multiple cognitive behavioral therapy rules for OCD that will help you overcome OCD without medications

 ----------------- the best --------------------

force stop thinking and do ignore:

force stop thinking when you get ocd , and make your self happy because of challenges of don't thinking about it, and ignore

you know it theory for OCD:

you know if the idea is recognized as OCD or not, you don't need to think in it directly, just ignore when you recognized it as OCD

how to prevent relapse:

 when using ignore and stop thinking and you know it theory, think that you before was ignoring big obsessive thought like this and think that new born baby doesn't care for this if they don't have OCD, ignore all recognized OCD ideas like big flam from cigarette go to inside bed ans burn all the house

if you overcome OCD by talking and beating the obsessive/compulsive thought, your CBT success will not last long:

 because in future you will forget the argument that you used in a known thought, then when you think in it again you will relapse, that CBT will not last long, you need to ignore OCD to make that CBT last forever
------------------------- easy to do -----------------------

in the future your OCD ideas will be not important at all:

remember your old OCD stations? Its extremely not important right now because so much time run from that time

do what normal person would do:


 do what you was doing before OCD return:

 i was OCD less for about 3 years by, you know it theory and deadline (give OCD idea known time to solve or switch thinking) it works for some people

try to enjoy ignoring OCD (enjoy challenges):

 you just ignore it it will be fantastic, but the OCD ideas will not last all life

try to enjoy risk taking (enjoy challenges):

 yes its awesome

if you keep following OCD you will not learn how to avoid problems  of amnesia:


think about problems without anxiety


if you keep following OCD your life will be very bad and you will not overcome it if you did not overcome it now

yes unfollow OCD

deadline theory for ocd:

 this works for some people, dead line theory mean the max allowed time to choose an idea
do i need to clean my hands again?
if you was not able to willing to an idea in 3 second you should just stop thinking

don't start thinking at all:

its like nicotine addiction
if you start think, what the pleasure i will get from daily smoking nicotine? your addicted mind will find 1000+ of cause to return to nicotine
so like that but with OCD, like if you clean your self after peeing don't start thinking is that enough, this will make the obsessive thought don't start at all, which will greatly help with OCD.

life skipping ocd symptom for future time like you skipped checking google drive size for many days, this is good CBT for ocd


you can't find instant fix:

 because your mentally ill, you can't find fast fix for problems
you might need to think clearly
 to the solve is ignore it and think instantly and let what happen happen really will happens is good in all failed
---------- hard to do but effective ---------------

make it worse, and use prevention:

think about it like worst case like the home will all destroyed and you
Your neighbor will sue you from the flam that destroyed his home also
and then skip it using response and prevention you will in the end feel it like normal if you keep ignoring

error theory for OCD:

you can do wrong things, opposite then what you should and know to do
its easy thing
and this should be globally without conditions
and also as soon as ocd ideas start
its like disinhibition of benzo

if you was able to stop strong ocd idea you will be able to stop all other ocd ideas


when you recognize that OCD idea is being to start, stop thinking and switch to other idea:

 this way you will stop all OCD symptoms, you might say "obsessive idea identified"
---------------- other -------------------

keep ignoring OCD until stop:

 you have used it and its works but after 12 hours

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