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how to avoid addiction, or tappering your pre-existing craving

i got a good idea how to avoid addiction, or tappering your pre-existing craving

what is ΔFosB:

 ΔFosB is transcription factor in DNA that product craving.

ΔFosB expression in D1-type nucleus accumbens (reward system) medium spiny neurons directly and positively regulates drug self-administration and reward sensitization through reinforcement while decreasing sensitivity to aversion
ΔFosB have many isoforms with half life range between 10 hours to 8 days

whats happen after taking a rewarding drug or natural reward:

after taking rewarding drug or even natural reward like exercise the accumulating ΔFosB 35–37 kilodalton isoforms have 8 days elimination half life (the time need to decrease the strength of the craving to the half)

what drugs rewards can cause this:

any reward can, but must drugs can't give enough ΔFosB (because its rush is weak like exercise) from first expose to cause significant reinforcement that will lead to re taking the drug but only cocaine can increase it strongly from first expose (i dont know if she able to cause significant reinforcement thought)

so this mean if i took codeine with high enough doses to cause high / rush , she will increase ΔFosB  that will cause the craving and the craving strength will decrease to the half after 8 days and then re decrease to half every other 8 days

what this mean so?

it mean there are an ability to calculate what the dose you can use codeine  (that i want to use) in every what few days to avoid overexpression of ΔFosB to be strong enough to cause loss of control (compulsive reward-seeking, following the craving and taking the drug every day with increasingly doses)

does there an other factors then ΔFosB?

there other factors, but they have very lower half life, so after certain time from stopping the reward, other factors will no longer important, but delta-fosB will be still active.

if you see just wikipedia page about addiction you will see that the delta-fosB has the must dominance.

the other factor include but not limited in kor-opiates receptors, dopamine 3, NF-κB, GluR2, NMDA, HT2A, α3β4 of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
most of them are just receptor's but delta-fosB are DNA transcription factor that have long lasting effect.

now what?

i have made an excel file that will calculate for you where and when you should decrease your drug intake and how much you need to use to avoid strong enforcement that will lead to addiction.

also you can use it as craving tapper tool to decrease your pre addiction craving over time and with some calculation you can also know what the speed possible after you try, if you understand how to use the tool exactly.

there a small problem that i can't calculate the tolerance of the drug because its a factor but it will be so complex and near impossible because deference drugs has deference onset tolerance like THC how low ability to gain tolerance between benzos have high ability to gain it, also if you don't get craving at all from the drug , this does not mean taking it every day you need to stop every 15 day for few days / weeks (benzo) depend on the half life of the drug and the metabolism

now see the excel

for android users use google sheets for android
for IOS  users use google sheets for ios

  for desktop use this link for google docs (it will open the app in android)
that link will changed when new version made


run it with excel (the best experience)

how to use: 

Firstly take The addictive drug once like codeine 60mg (always type when you use your using in "amount of drug taken" row that day)
Then try to feel if you have a craving to reuse, if not then after 10 days take the same dose of codeine then try to feel if there is craving

Keep repeating this process by decreasing 1 day every cycle let's say you reached 60mg codeine once /week and then after stopping. The next day you got moderate craving that you think if you used more that craving will overpowered you, now see how much expression number of daltafosB that day , and never took any dose that will lead to go over it, this mean you can take codeine 60mg once a week and getting that moderate craving that you think will not lead to loss control over your using

This mean also you can break the 60mg to take it every other day
So it's all 60mg par week so it's near 17mg every other day, so if you took it like this you should got the same craving as taking 60mg par week.

This can be used also as a craving tapper tool, but it's not for withdrawal.

note: i'm just a researcher, this might be wrong dont try it in high rush heroin it will not work, take it at your own risk.


the gold standard drug for eliminate addiction is ibogaine, it able even to stop heroin addiction from one flood dose, its α3β4 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors antagonist this will cause anti addiction anti craving effect [see ( receptors function database)]
and also functional agonist on kor opiates receptors that have great rule in craving, in addition it are NMDA antagonist, must drugs down stream its withdrawal symptom by agonizing NMDA receptors so blocking NMDA will able significantly eliminate withdrawal that might lead to relapse 
there also other strong option NAD+ intravenous injection decrease heroin intake by 80% and nicotinamide is good also which is both Metabolic product of vitamin b3

other option to add:

psychedelics that are 5-HT2A agonist have anti addiction effect like LSD , add to that blocking dopamine 3 receptors by halopiridol or any dopamine 3 antagonist will prevent relapse by blocking reward system from rewarding impulsive behaviors that will lead to re buy / take the drug in must of times 

there also ΔJunD, the opposite transcription factor that directly antagonist ΔFosBand was shown to cause anti craving effect, you need ΔJunD activator to use it, but they are extremely experimental.

resource from what i got the info, other info made from me.

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