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what receptors do the antidepressants and antianxiety medications act on?

what is receptors function database:

info about what reaction will happen if you agonist/antagonist the receptors,
keep in your mind, the place of the receptor can make change of the receptor function, like agonizing adrenergic β2 receptor in the heart will cause fast heart beat, and agonizing them in the brain will cause urge to fight, by increasing reward for violence behaviors..
add to that this is just self gathering info for multiple source, as of what i understand in the over last years of testing, my info might be, wrong it's just will help you to know more about the general function of the receptor, thanks ☺

-to columns are colored for knowing its better to agonist the receptor or antagonist it
-link for source are available (to read where i got this info)
-endogenous and exogenous affinity to the receptors are available
-always updated info because i never got boring from exploring ☺✌


green: in (whats will happen if) column mean = I am not sure if the information is correct in that cell
in (receptor) column mean = transporter.
blue: in (whats will happen if) column mean = I'm sure.
in (receptor) column mean = better to agonist.
red:in (receptor) column mean = better to be antagonist.
yellow: just additional info
auto-receptor: the receptor that product negative feedback mean it will decrease the release of it's endogenous neurotransmitter
anti-target: pharmacy companies (eg, Eli Lilly) always make sure their drugs doesn't interact with that receptor because it cause problems


how to use:


for android users use google sheets for android
for IOS  users use google sheets for ios
for desktop use this link for google docs (it will open the app in android)
that link will changed when new version made


download the excel file (2021-4-8)

run it with excel (the best experience)

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